“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” Babe Ruth

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Long Ball Licorice Products

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It’s licorice in plug format rip-off a piece and pop it in. It’s a food-grade product so you won’t need to spit, however if you choose to you’ll get a ton of dark brown and black saliva.

This will work very well as an alternative for plug or long leaf users especially if you are used to sort of just “parking” your chew in your mouth. When I did use long leaf I didn’t really “chew” it as much as I parked it. This licorice lasts awhile and works as a perfect “parked substitute” without the clean up, you consume it and its gone!


Yankee Family

Support from the RUTH FAMILY

After I combined my contacts in the sports world and the Kookaburra Company’s contacts in the candy world, received exclusive licensing, approval from the players, and full support from the Ruth family…

Long Ball Licorice was born: Great Taste, Great Players, Great Candy.