Round Tripper Dip Style Red Raspberry Licorice


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Babe Ruth never gave up on his dreams & neither should you!

We didn’t & we created Long Ball Licorice. A Ball player’s favorite. Chew what the pros Chew.

Great Flavor, Great Player.

  • Licorice Candy
  • Soft and delicious
  • Made in Australia
  • Tobacco Alternative
  • Kosher
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This is a very special licorice candy custom Made in Australia .
Australia has long been know as the capitol for the worlds finest licorice .
It is soft and delicious with a long lasting flavor . Keeps the mouth moist while playing ball and has become a ball players favorite!

Tasty mini bites!
Put in the lip and let it melt as you play ball or chew as a delicious candy .
Great product to get players off the tobacco products . So enjoy and chew what the pros chew !!!


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